HungryKids™ is a not for profit grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness for logo

world hunger and poverty relief.

We are an “informational charity” as we do not collect money, rather we bring people together, educate, and discuss the issue of bringing about hunger’s ultimate end.

We are an official partner of the United Nation’s World Food Programme, and we see ourselves as the head supporter of their goal to end child hunger world wide by the year 2015.


  • A full stomach and proper nourishment being a human right, especially for children.
  • The ability for all people in all nations to afford and have access to food.
  • Alleviation of debt and poverty in third world countries.


HungryKids™ promotes awareness. We bring together educated minds from around the globe to create viable solutions.

We believe in forming ideas that to go beyond food supply and forming sustainable ways to eradicate poverty, and subsequently; hunger and suffering.

Bradford J. Hines