Three essential ways to help alleviate poverty

How We Can Help Alleviate World Poverty in Three Easy Steps Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen via Alleviate world poverty? Isn’t that impossible? There is so much grinding poverty in the world – how could just one of us possibly make a difference? The reason it seems so impossible is that we tend to […]

Exygy a social good corporation

We spoke with Zach Berke of Exygy about being a business that does social good. Can you tell us a little bit about Exygy? We are a software design and build shop in San Francisco. Our mission is to empower the world’s leading change makers. Our clients include, the United Nations World Food Program and unicef. We work with them […]

An interview with Liza Wisner of Powerup

What was the impetus for starting Powerup? We interviewed Liza Wisner Of Powerup (also known as an Apprentice season 10 star). Read about how her non-profit introduces children to technology. Liza came here from Narobi Kenya on a golf scholarship, and still plays once a week. I started Powerup because as I was going through my business, Texas Techies Organization, […]

Byron Reese is a futurist, speaker, and author of Infinite Progress. Recently we talked to him about the Internet’s ability to better the world.   What was your impetus for researching people’s efficacy to change the world? The world has changed much over the course of civilization, mostly for the better. And yet, much more changing still needs to happen. I […]

Food Hygiene: Not Only a Privilege

     People living in the first world have always heard the term “Do not take what you have for granted” but majority of them fail to really appreciate this common saying. It is a very unfortunate and yet striking fact that currently there are over 40 military conflicts taking place throughout all parts of the world. This meaning that there are […]


According to the UN, there are 847 million undernourished people in the world, and other organizations estimate as much as a billion, roughly 1 in 7. looks to eradicate that through education of the world hunger issue, and urging people to find ways to fight it other than just donating money. The problem of malnourishment and malnutrition is a […]


“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.”   – John Fitzgerald Kennedy Hunger is the desperate need for food, not the simple desire to eat. When the average North American wakes up every morning, he or she is thinking of the many options available which can satisfy that breakfast craving. When four-year-old Sarah* lies sleepless at night, […]