Byron Reese infinite progress author

Byron Reese is a futurist, speaker, and author of Infinite Progress. Recently we talked to him about the Internet’s ability to better the world.


What was your impetus for researching people’s efficacy to change the world?

The world has changed much over the course of civilization, mostly for the better. And yet, much more changing still needs to happen. I was curious how this happened, how positive change happens in the world, to see if I could come up with a set of best practices.

Do you think optimists are more likely to bring about change?

Only people who believe in a better tomorrow are willing to get up early and work hard to make it happen.

What are some examples of how information through the Internet has already substantially changed the world for the better? Can you give examples within education, health, politics etc?

It is said that knowledge is power, and I believe this. Specifically I believe it is the power to make your life better, to improve your situation. The Internet has, for a fortunate two billion people, made the acquisition of knowledge almost effortless. Couple that with the fact it has allowed people to communicate instantly for free. We use the Internet to connect, consult, collaborate, commiserate, and a dozen more things – and those are just the C words. It has become so commonplace that we are almost to the point of taking it all for granted.

Tell me a little but about INegotiate-your soon to be humanitarian website

The site isn’t launched yet, but when it is, it is a place for people to come together to negotiate solutions to real-world problems. The purpose is to get everyone thinking about innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

How do you think the nature of crowdsourcing will change in the next few decades?

The most underutilized resource in the universe is human potential. There is an amazing amount of untapped genius in the crowd, and since the economic incentives are aligned to unlock it, I think we can expect to see much innovation there.

How has the Internet personally helped you already in your mission to change the world for the better?

Like all technologies, it multiples the labor of people. I can many times more with the Internet than without it.

For more thoughts from Reese, we highly recommend his book: Infinite Progress


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