According to the UN, there are 847 million undernourished people in the world, and
other organizations estimate as much as a billion, roughly 1 in 7. looks
to eradicate that through education of the world hunger issue, and urging people to find
ways to fight it other than just donating money.

The problem of malnourishment and malnutrition is a complex one, not just caused by
lack of food, but rather a complex economic problem. And the problem is worse than
on the face of it. Malnourishment doesn’t just mean being hungry or tired, but it means
being susceptible to potentially fatal illness.

Given the nature of a global economy, and an increasingly smaller planet, it is in the best
interest of everyone to alleviate this problem, not just in our own backyards but the world
over. Poverty-and in turn malnourishment- creates a vicious cycle of holding down the
economy from people to weak to be educated, or to work, too ill, or simply dying. This
is turn keeps the economy from being righted, where in a free market, food, shelter, and
clean water will not go to these parts of the world.

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