pic_bradBrad Hines is the founder of HungryKids™ He holds a B.A. in finance from Boston University and is the president of YumDomains.com. He is also a digital marketing and social media strategist, writer, and designer.


Nandu Tangella is our UI/UX Designer with a MS in Human Computer Interaction. He is from Orange County, California. Has a passion for building things that are useful for people to use. He enjoys landscape paintings, modern art, and technology.


Luke Short HungryKids.org
Luke Short  Luke Short is a qualified Private Pilot who works in the IT industry. He also loves travel, learning Mandarin Chinese, spending time with his family and lives in Brisbane Australia. He has a strong belief that those with more should help those with less. He currently contributes to our facebook page on a regular basis.


Khon Lagasca is a full time nurse and part time fashion blogger who is a recruiter for us. She is very compassionate: “I learned in nursing school how you help others and provide care for them no questions ask.”


Fei He is a contributor to our blog. She is also part of the volunteering association and W.A.T.C.H., and has volunteered at the SickKids Hospital in Toronto.


Kendra Shaw is our Human Resources director. She is an honors
marketing graduate  from DePaul University. The eldest of nine growing up, she possess an inherent passion for helping others.


Zinia Zavaleta is our Spanish language interpreter and press contact. She is from San Salvador El Salvador. She has been a Spanish translator for Samaritan’s Purse as well.


Varun Ponnuru is a recruiter. He is located in Singapore but is originally from Bangalore India. He currently studies business management at SMU.


Emily Milazzo is one of our new recruiters. She is a family studies and education graduate from University of New Hampshire.



Andreea Ioana Oltean is a head recruiter with a BA in International Business, Economics and Spanish from Western Washington University, and her MA in International Relations and Human Rights from University of Essex. Currently, Andreea is doing legislative and administrative work for Planned Parenthood, as well as working part-time for her family’s AFH business in Portland OR. Andreea is a strong and passionate believer in the inalienable rights of all humans, and is most proud of her work with Planned Parenthood.