Donate: We do not accept donations ourselves as we are not a 501(c)3, rather we delegate that task to the United Nations World Food Program. We stand by them as the best source to donate to as a means to solve the global hunger issue.

kiva loansAlso, if you want to have a more direct feeling of helping, check out any of the thousands on Kiva.org that you can donate to both domestic and abroad. Donating a tiny loan–microfinancing as it’s called–helps stimulate struggling economies, for example, donating money for crops and tools to a farmer.

Volunteer: HungryKids is looking for bright young volunteer workers.  Join the team!

Understand and atack the seemingly indirect issues at stake: The world’s over consumption of meat is a huge contributor for example.

The amount of meat produced is infinitley smaller than that of the grains used to feed the animals. Also, too much land through out the globe is dedicated to grazing that is better utilized as crop growing land.

Join and discuss : Like our page on facebook.com and discuss and contribute ideas for solutions, anything good starts with an idea and sometimes donating that is infinitely better than anything else that can be given.


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